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About us

Unlocking the potential of self-directed support in Scotland

In Control Scotland is a registered charity and a not for profit organisation.  We work with organisations, health and social care partnerships and people across Scotland to support the development of a sustainable system of self-directed support. We provide training, development and consultancy and share what we learn to improve the experience of self directed support for everyone.  We are also part of a wide community of organisations in Scotland, the United Kingdom and internationally who share the same goals and values.  Our organisation consists of our Board Members, Associates and our small ICS Team

Our Story

In Control Scotland was formed to promote the development of self-directed support and individual budgets in Scotland. We provided a framework to bring together existing good practice and introduced new ways of working which helped people and supported everyone involved in meeting the challenges.  In 2009, In Control Scotland was formally constituted as an independent organisation linked to developments elsewhere as part of In Control international.


Our Team, Board of Directors and Asscociates

In Control Scotland is a small organisation made up of a small team, a Board of Directors and specialised associates who work with us on different projects.  You can find out about everyone who works with In Control Scotland by clicking on the links below. 

Meet the Team

We  have  six staff members in the In Control Scotland team who bring a vast range of different skills and experience to the organisation.  You can find out about each of our team members here:

Meet Our Trustees

Our Board of Directors is made up of ten Trustees with each individual Trustee bringing their own specific skills and experience to provide governance and help keep the organisation on track and to progress in the future.  Our Trustees  come from various different backgrounds and bring a variety of skills covering, finance, social care, lived experience, human rights and much more..... You can find out more about our Trustees here:

Meet Our Associates

We have a small group of skilled Associates who we commission for various pieces of work.  Most of our Associates have worked with us over many years!  You can find out more about our Associates here:

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