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Self Directed Support

Self Directed Support is about people being in control of the support they need to live their lives. It is built on the premise that people who need support are best placed to know what support they need to make their life better and that they can have control over identifying their needs as well as designing and purchasing the support to meet their needs. Self Directed Support is commonly called SDS and is how social care is provided in Scotland. Since 1st April 2014 the Social Care (Self Directed Support) (Scotland Act) 2013 has been law.

You can find some helpful resources about self-directed support in the following pages:

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The aim of this ‘Top 10 Tips’ is to help you to get the most from the Self-Directed Support Act and Guidance. Both the Act - The Social Care (Self- Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 – the statutory guidance that underpins it and the good practice guides, which are also available, are extensive and finding the right information you need can be difficult.


This document contains statutory guidance on social care assessment and associated process. It is issued to local authorities in order to update the relevant guidance and to reflect the duties and powers accompanying the Social Care (Self-Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013.

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This is the easy read version of the guide to Social Care (Self-Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013


This document sets out a guide for the local planning and delivery of social care support services.  It sets out the actions that national public and voluntary sector organisations will take to support authorities to build on their progress towards more flexible and responsive social care support, co-produced with communities and supported people.

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