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Danielle Farrel
Project Coordinator

Combining her lived experience of disability as well as her professional experience of supporting others who live with the challenges disability often brings, Danielle has over 30 years’ experience of living and working in the field of disability. Danielle is a self-advocate and will often be a voice for others who would otherwise struggle to have their voices heard and to live the life they want to lead. Danielle has a passion for changing the narrative for disabled people and for this group to be encouraged to embrace their own identity. Danielle also has a particular interest in person centred planning.

Danielle has been working as an associate of In Control Scotland since graduating from their Partner in Policy Making Programme in 2018. Since then, she has been involved in several projects and programmes with the organisation, including having a slot on In Control Scotland’s YouTube Channel during the Covid-19 pandemic intitled “Being Danielle” and co-facilitating their Working Together for Change Programme. She has recently moved to a different role within the organisation and is now one of their Project Co-ordinators….Danielle will bring a bit of colour to the ICS Team with her continuously changing “crazy hair colours” and her unique sense of style.

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