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Human Rights

Self-Directed Support gives individuals who are eligible for social care choice and control over the delivery of their care. It places the human rights of the individual at its heart and in doing so reflects the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2006. This project by research students from Strathclyde University aimed to support efforts by In Control Scotland to monitor the implementation of self-directed support. The research was motivated by an apparent lack of legal challenges relating to self-directed support since the introduction of the Social Care (Self-Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013

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Equalities and Human Rights Commision Scotland

This research presents evidence about different experiences of Self-directed Support. It draws together lessons learned about how these experiences interact with people’s protected characteristics. The findings increase our understanding and awareness of how the current system helps or prevents people from achieving their personal outcomes, and the impact this has on equality.


Watch a short video here

This is a short video of the research report which was undertook by Strathclyde University Students

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This research explored complaints processes relating to self-directed support in Scotland. The aim of the research was to help understand complaints processes within local authorities, routes to potential legal challenge, and barriers to complaints.

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New Routes Home  Consutlation Response to the New Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy 

We spoke to members of the New Routes Home partnership to find out what their thoughts were on the new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy. We spoke to parents of autistic children detained in psychiatric hospital; parents of autistic children living in the community; support providers; advocates; and other people working in the field of inclusion.  This is our response to the consultation.

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Click on the images to read our response to the New Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy consultation

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