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Individual Service Funds

This paper was commissioned by In Control Scotland with the aim of promoting inclusion and social justice through greater understanding of the benefits of the creative use of Individual Service Funds. It is intended to be an enabling document which will be of value to individuals, families, care providers and funders. It is intended to inspire greater consideration of the untapped transformational potential of Individual Service Funds by providing lived examples. It also takes the form of a provocation, intended to stimulate questions and conversations about where power, choice and control lie in any situation involving an individual budget.


Find an easy read version of the Option Two Research Report here: 

In Control Scotland Option 2 July 2022 WEB (1)_Page_01.jpg

In Control Scotland has published research into Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) experiences of implementing option two of Self-Directed Support.  You can read a copy of the report and recommendations here.

In Control Scotland Option 2 July 2022 WEB (1)_Page_01.jpg
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