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Karen Procek

Karen is a highly skilled and experienced training facilitator with over 20 years of experience working in the Voluntary sector. Karen is committed to influencing change through a rights-based approach to education and discussion, increasing confidence and competence, and raising awareness of how to support children and adults with additionality. Karen is a passionate changemaker for inclusion based on her experience as an unpaid carer. As a parent carer, Karen brings a wealth of experience in supporting organisations to gain lived experience of raising a disabled child and shattering stereotypes of disability. Karen is passionate about ensuring people live their best life, are included within their communities, are surrounded by positive relationships, and most importantly have their rights and wellbeing safeguarded and protected. Karen loves walking, Cadburys chocolate, being beside the sea and listening to true crime podcasts. We are delighted she has joined the team as a Project Co-ordinator.

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