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Omololu Fagbiele


Omololu is an early-career researcher with a solid foundation in chemical engineering, data science, and board governance, adept at driving impactful results across diverse domains. Skilled in data analysis and statistical modeling, with a knowledge of various data visualization tools. Experience spans leadership roles in both academia and industry, encompassing the successful execution of data-driven projects, strategic decision-making, and effective communication with stakeholders. Notably, she has undergone intensive training in the Black Talent on Board Training Programme, equipping her with inclusive governance practices, and volunteered extensively in STEM education initiatives. She is currently studying for a doctoral degree with a strong commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. With a demonstrated track record of excellence, she brings a unique blend of technical expertise, leadership acumen, and a passion for driving positive change, making her a valuable addition to the ICS board of directors.

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