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Scottish Government Funded Projects

In Control Scotland receives funding from the Scottish Government as a National Partner to improve self-directed support.  Our work is driven by a strong belief in social inclusion, equality, human rights and social justice and the view that everyone is entitled to the support they need to be part of and included in their own community.  Our beliefs are reflected in all the programmes  we deliver.



Working Together for Change

Working Together for Change is about enabling people to be in control through self-directed support. We bring together supported people, unpaid carers, and people who work in social care from across Scotland to make positive change in social care, harnessing the unique skills, insights and knowledge of people using and delivering social care to unlock the potential of self-directed support. More about the programme


Self-Directed Support
Option 2 

Supporting local authorities and support providers to improve option 2.


Self Directed Support

Option 3

Supporting maximum flexibility in arranged services / option 3


Resource Allocations Systems

We support organisations to develop fair and equitable models of allocating resource.



Unpaid Carers

Supporting the flexible use of carers’ budgets through coproduction.


Mobilising Lived Experience

Listening to and amplifying the voices of people with lived experience in SDS improvement.

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