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Self Directed Support

In Control Scotland has published research into Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) experiences of implementing option two of Self-Directed Support.  You can read a copy of the report and recommendations here.

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This toolkit has been developed by in Control Scotland in collaboration with its partners in the Erasmus+ SKILLS Project. It is designed to provide frontline workers in education, health and social work, social care and community development with the basic information they require to make self-directed support a reality for the people they work for.


How are we doing with Option Two/Individual Service Funds? - Easy Read Version

You can also download an easy read version of this report

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The benefits of a Resource Allocation System and knowing your budget upfront in a system of self-directed support

In this paper we will argue:

Firstly, that in any system of social care (and not simply in any system of self-directed support) it is sensible, and indeed inevitable, that a method of resource allocation is used.


Secondly, that if the disabled person is truly to direct their own support in any meaningful sense, then it is necessary and uniquely empowering, to be informed ‘up-front’ of the size of the individual budget to which he/she is entitled , so that this knowledge can be part of what is used to inform the range of choices that need to be made.

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