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Training and Consultancy

In Control Scotland provides bespoke training and support to organisations who want to improve the work that they do.

For local authorities:

In Control Scotland has over a decade of experience working with and for local authorities to improve their understanding and implementation of Self-Directed Support.

This can include:

  • Training for staff, both online and face-to-face

  • Development of learning resources

  • Developing new systems or processes, such as resource allocation systems or decision making processes

  • Co-producing solutions to challenges with staff and people using services

For support providers and community groups:

We have experience of delivering a wide range of training and support to support providers and community groups. We make sure that this support is high impact and low cost, and we develop and facilitate our training in partnership with people who have lived experience of social care, campaigning, or community development. Some examples of training we can offer include:

  • Person-centred planning training

  • Support to think about campaigning and advocacy

  • Inclusive decision making


For people using social care services and their carers:

Visit our programmes page to find out about training and development opportunities for people using social care and their carers

"We’re a merry band of facilitators and we’re happy to bring our post-its to a team near you'


If you would like to enquire about training or consultancy email

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