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What we do?

In Control Scotland is involved in the delivery of a number of different programmes of work.  These include the work that we do with members (training, consultancy, coaching , signposting, linking, meetings) and work that is grant funded directly from the Scottish Government and other funding sources to develop and build the capacity of support and information to organisations.  Check out our programmes and projects here

Our Projects

Training & Consultancy

In Control Scotland also offers a programme of training and consultancy working directly with Providers, Health and Social Care Partnerships, NHS and many more....... We are happy to have discussions with anyone who may require additional support and training around implementing self-directed support and develop a training package with is suitable to your requirements.    Check out our 'Training and Consultancy' page for further information. 

'We’re a merry band of facilitators and we’re happy to bring our post-its to a team near you'

Working in Partnership

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We work with a number of different organisations on various projects. Our partnership working allows us to focus on specific areas of work where we can work together with others to make positive change and impact in the lives of people with disabilities and their families.  Check out some of our partnership working here.

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