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'How are we doing with Option Two/Individual Service Funds'

In Control Scotland has published research into Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) experiences of implementing option two of Self-Directed Support. Option two is often referred to as the ‘best of both worlds’, with people having full choice and control over how support is arranged, without the need to become an employer, but uptake has been relatively low since it was introduced. Over the years there have been many case studies of individuals and families using option two to live good lives, but very little information published about how HSCPs had actually made this happen through their practices, policies, and processes.


This research, carried out by Lou Close across 6 HSCPs, was designed to begin to fill this gap in the evidence, looking at the changes that had taken place to fully embed option two and make it a reality for people in these communities, with the hope of sharing learning that makes option two more accessible to everyone across Scotland. The research looked at the challenges they faced, as well as highlighting good practice in finding solutions to these challenges. The report includes 6 recommendations that we believe would improve peoples’ experiences of option two.


We worked alongside Aberdeenshire, East Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Highland, and Scottish Borders to carry out this research, and would like to thank everyone who generously gave their time to us.

We will be spending some time talking about this research over the next few weeks. Join us at Webinar Wednesday at 11am on 3rd August on In Control Scotland’s Facebook and YouTube channels, or come along to our Tuesday lunchtime session at 12pm on 9th August for an interactive discussion session. If you would like to discuss this report please get in touch at:

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Download a copy of the full research report here

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Download a copy of the easy read version of the research report here

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