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Partners in Policymaking Programme


An international leadership programme for disabled adults and parents of disabled children

What is the programme about?

‘Partners in Policymaking’ is an internationally recognised leadership development programme for parents of disabled children (up to the age of 18) and for disabled adults, including people with learning difficulties, sensory impairments and physical impairments.

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This programme is a chance for participants to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to campaign and advocate for better treatment and social justice for disabled people within our society.

Who is Partners for?

Participants on the programme are a mix of disabled adults and parents of disabled children. The programme is designed for people who think that life for disabled children and adults could be better and want to improve the way things are now. Some people on the programme will already be members of groups and organisations who are working for change, while others may be new to this

What will you gain from attending Partners?

Participants will build up their knowledge about what is happening in Scotland and around the world to promote the inclusion of disabled people in society.


They will hear from some of the best teachers, thinkers and practitioners in the field of human services from Scotland, the rest of Europe, and North America.  They will also be provided with resource materials at each session.


If you would be interested in applying for a place on the Partners in Policymaking programme check out the application pack here:

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