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Self Directed Support Interviews

Dr Danielle Farrell of Your Options Understood recently interviewed a number of people about self-directed support.  You can view these interviews by clicking on the videos below.


During the interviews Danielle asked people who are in receipt of self-directed support a number of questions about the SDS assessment process, their experiences of accessing SDS during the Covid-19 pandemic and much more.  In the videos below you can find out what people thought as they share their experiences with Danielle.

Q1. Has Self Directed Support changed how you access support?
Q3. What are the positives of receiving self directed support?
Q2. What is your experience of accessing self directed support during the Covid-19 pandemic?
Q4. How can the self directed support process and implementation be improved in Scotland?
Q5. Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about applying for self directed support?
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