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Nic Crosby


Nic is currently the Director of GatherBuildWork and has spent the last 12 years supporting people and services in taking forward self-directed support, including personal budgets and yes, if you really must he can help you develop a resource allocation system. He has worked across adult and children’s services, his recent work has all been with children’s services in education, social care and health.  During all this time, he has learnt how important it is to build real partnership where everyone is valued for their own experience, and individual expertise is cherished, supported and ‘powered up’; to gather strength and set a solid foundation, build vision and clarity about what we are all setting out to achieve, and to work together bound by shared values and understanding.  Nic feels it is important that his work and his life is making a difference; a feeling that started for him when he was 13 and led him to get involved in caving and climbing in the Yorkshire Dales supporting young people, which moved on to Bournemouth and then the Isle of Mull working with children and young people from Glasgow before going to college.  He worked with In Control (England) the last ten years, leading work with children, young people, families and the services that support them was like a dream come true for him.

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