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New Publication: Self-Directed Support as the Foundation of a New Relationship

In Control Scotland has published a new discussion paper which restates the core elements of Self-Directed Support in the context of an emerging National Care Service. This paper was developed alongside our monthly programme of lunchtime sessions for people interested in SDS for children and families, and is designed to help people working in social care to think about the values and principles of SDS in an accessible and relationship-focused way when working with people and families. The report features a suite of graphics which can be used for carrying out planning, and discussion questions for people and teams to use to evaluate their progress towards person-centred and relationship-focused approaches.

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Flash Reports

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Following our lunchtime sessions, our lovely Pauline has been producing a flash report, with information on the  session, what was discussed and how things went on the day!  You can check out these 'flash reports' in the following slides.........