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Tim Keilty


Tim has worked with people with a learning disability for 20 years, as a support worker in a village community, as a supporter to a People First group, an advocate, as a Person Centred Planning Co-ordinator and now as a Special Projects Manager. As the years go by the job titles get more cumbersome, but the focus of his work remains the same!  Recently Tim has focussed on work with children, setting up the Support Planning Hub in Newcastle and contributing to the development of Help and Connect at Skills for People. Tim passionately believes that people themselves, their families, friends and communities have the answers and often just need the time and space to discover them. Tim tries to offer people that space by being a thoughtful facilitator, a canny drawer, and by having a constant desire to keep it all simple.  Tim currently works with New Prospects Association a cracking little support provider based in North Tyneside. Tim is a qualified social worker, but puts more store in the fact that he was once described by Jack Pearpoint (admittedly in an off the cuff comment) as ‘a remarkably gifted leader’.

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