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Working Together for Change


The Independent Review of Adult Social Care has encouraged the need for us to be bold and make the changes that will improve the way that support is delivered. Decisions will be made in the Parliament and in Local Government that will bring about that change but to really make a difference it cannot all be left to the politicians.

In-Control Scotland invites you to be part of our ‘Working Together for Change’ programme.


What is it?

This programme provides training and learning to build on the skills, knowledge, and capacities of all participants as equal partners.  The people who know best about what needs to change in Social Care are the people who in their personal experience; in the life of a family member or in their professional lives…or maybe all three…live it out, day by day by day.


Who is it for?

This programme is designed for disabled people, family carers and people who work in social work, social care and health services who want to stop talking about change and do something to make it happen.


How will it work?

The programme will be delivered over 8 days (in total) and will be delivered with a mix of in-person and online sessions over a 6-month period from September 2022 - March 2023.

We have 30 places available and are now inviting applications for the Working Together for Change programme with the closing date being Monday, 29th August 2022!  If you would be interested in receiving a copy of the programme descriptor and application pack for this programme, please click on the following links:

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