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In Control Scotland

Unlocking the potential of self-directed support in Scotland

In Control Scotland is a small Scottish Charity that focuses on improving the social care system for those who use it, primarily making self-directed support more accessible, and addressing inequalities for people with support needs.  We do this by offering personal and professional development courses, workshops, bespoke training, coaching, advice and information.

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News Flash - Emerging Practice in Self-Directed Support Option 3 - Research

In Control Scotland has published new research into local authorities' experience in creating flexible use of option 3. Our associate, Lou Close spoke to 10 local authorities about the changes they have made in social work managed services since the SDS legislation leading to a series of recommendations. You can read a copy of the research report here

Emerging Practice in Option 3 Nov 2023 FINAL_Page_01_edited.jpg

IWe also held an on-line seminar on 16th November to hear all about the research Lou undertook you can view the recording of the seminar here

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