People living good lives
People living good lives

In Control Scotland

Unlocking the potential of self-directed support in Scotland

Welcome to the In Control Scotland website.  

We want people using Self Directed Support in Scotland to be able to be in control of their own lives.  This includes being able to direct - How, when, in what way and by whom you are supported.  We hope you find the resources and information here helpful. We keep adding to them all the time.

During this difficult period and the current situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus) the In Control Scotland team are continuing to work from home and although we are unable to work from the main office we continue to be available on a daily basis for all other aspects of our work, so please do still contact us with any queries, and requests for support or advice via email. We will continue to update everyone following any guidance and advice we receive from the UK/Scottish Government. Stay healthy & safe.

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